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Kick Speed™ Roller Skate Shoes Triple Arc MID

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Shoes With Wheels - Skate anywhere, anytime!

Kick Speed™ Roller Skate Shoes Triple Arc MID were specifically designed for all roller skating lovers. Comfortable sneakers with pop-up wheels suitable for running, walking and skating. You don’t need multiple shoes to make the most out of life. Do out on a walk or jog, and when you are ready to skate, just unlock the switch and get the wheels rolling and glide your way.   


The shoes with wheels are comfortable, well-fitting, and designed to be breathable. The antisweat wet mesh helps to ventilate the shoe and give a comfortable feeling as you go about your business.


There is a Lock/Unlock button to prevent the wheel s from popping up accidentally. You can hide the rollers by pressing the button and walking use them as normal sports shoes. when you need o glide, just press the button on the heels.


The toe stop is the big rubber piece bolted onto the toe of your roller skate shoe. It can help you come to a stop while you’re skating. All you have to do is point your toe down and the friction of the rubber stop will slow or stop you.


The roller skate shoes are made of high-quality PU leather EVA with a rubber sole. The materials are beautiful, strong, and durable. The material is water-resistant, breathable, and creates a comfortable feel. 

One touch and skate!
At the touch of a button, you get stylish sneakers and skates that will make you enjoy your walk to the fullest. The lock/unlock button keeps the wheels from popping out by accident. You can hide the rollers with the push of the button and use them just like regular sports shoes while walking. When you need to drive, just press the button and lock it. Forget changing shoes!
shoes with wheels
Up to 220 lb/ 100 kg
The 0.12in steel mechanical structure, designed by our experienced engineers and designers. Wear-resistant materials + reliable and stable platform. The design of the wheels in two rows provides additional stability, and can withstand weights up to 220 lb.

 Choose from 7 colors and 3 different flashing modes. LED lighting in our retractable roller skate shoes is powered by a micro USB.

1. Bend your knees – It is important to lower your center of gravity and help you keep your balance when stopping.

2. Move your feet into position – Your dominant foot should move forward slightly, while your non-dominant foot moves backward. Shift more of your weight onto your dominant/front foot, so that your non-dominant/back foot will be free to reposition.

3. Make the T – Raise your back foot slightly so that you are gliding on only your front foot. Turn your back foot at a 90-degree angle, perpendicular to your front foot. Gently lower your back foot, allowing it to make contact with the skating rink floor. Continue to keep most of your weight on your front foot.

4. Maintain your trajectory – Keep your hips facing forward in line with your front foot. If you allow your hips to open up or get pulled to the side, you’ll start to veer off course, which could result in a collision with another skater.

5. Come to a stop – Continue dragging your back foot until you come to a stop. The more pressure you apply to that foot, the faster you’ll stop – but be careful not to stomp down too abruptly or you may lose your balance.

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